Teenage Boys' Fashion

Teenagers feel better when they are wearing new and fashionable clothing. Help out by gifting:
– Shirts
– Hoodies
– Sweatpants
– Accessories (Fanny Packs, Hats, etc)
*Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
**Neutral or darker colour clothing preferred

57 of this gift needed

$25 to Sponsor Gift

57 of this gift needed


About Union Gospel Mission's
Gifts of Hope

Families in our community are amazing. Parents on low-incomes work so hard to provide for their kids. At Christmas and during difficult seasons such as the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that the financial burden can be just too much. When you stock the shelves of UGM’s Christmas Hamper Store, you provide gifts, grocery gift cards, and other essential household needs for hundreds of families. 

How it Works


Sign up to stock the shelves our Christmas Hamper Store with gifts by November 8th.


The store opens on November 9th to low-income families who have applied to receive support this Christmas. Parents can shop the shelves you’ve stocked until the week before Christmas for presents for their families.


Families in our community are uplifted this Christmas through treats and gifts YOU have provided!

Frequently Asked Questions

UGM’s Christmas Hamper Store, a redesign of our previous Christmas Hamper Program, aims to alleviate the stresses of the holiday season for low-income families in a dignified, empowering way. When parents sign up to receive Christmas support, not only are they going to be able to shop for their own family’s gifts in our free Hamper Store, but also our outreach workers will be able to build relationships with them and learn more about how UGM can come alongside to support them year-round. 

During the pandemic, parents choose the items for their families by having a phone call with our Families Outreach Staff members. Although it is less festive than visiting our building, it does provide a great opportunity to create meaningful connections with our staff.

Instead of in-person shopping, we will be hosting families over the phone to facilitate their shopping experience. Parents will still be choosing what they’d like for their families, and our outreach workers will build relationship through these intentional chats, creating lasting connections that last through the whole year.

For the safety of our donors, you are welcome to give money towards the gifts instead of bringing gift items to us. Your donation will enable our outreach workers to purchase the necessary items to stock the shelves of our store. However we also welcome donations of items, so please sign up for these on our site and follow the instructions on how to drop these items off.

Support a family or senior in our community by donating money or items (brand new items only, please) to the Christmas Hamper program. We have an online catalogue where you can choose exactly which age groups you pledge to donate items for. If you’d prefer to donate money towards this program, you have the option of donating the cost for the items you select online, and our outreach workers will purchase these items to ensure our Hamper Store shelves are stocked.

You choose how much you would like to contribute to our Christmas Hamper program! With our website, you can select what you would like to provide, and therefore you control how much you’d like to give.

We have listed these as examples to guide you on what parents and children are asking for this Christmas. Feel free to provide what you think fits the description. If there’s something else you think might be useful but not listed at all, please contact hampers@ugm.ca to check with our team.

The prices provided are listed to give an idea of the value of each item. They are based on an approximate cost in major department stores. If you are purchasing these items to deliver to UGM, you do not need to spend exactly the amount that’s listed, as stores vary, and sometimes you can catch a good sale!

Yes! We have a separate Christmas Cart program for senior women in our community. Each senior who receives a cart gets items such as mittens, toiletries and a gift card. You can provide items for our Christmas Cart program by clicking here.

After checking out, you’ll receive an email with instructions on where to deliver the items and times that you can come by to drop off the items. We will also provide instructions for drop-off to make sure we can all practice whichever health and safety protocols are currently in place.

Please remember to bring in only brand new items for donations, to ensure a fully dignifying experience for families.

Please reach out to hampers@ugm.ca to discuss this, we’ll see what options are available.

You can email our team at hampers@ugm.ca, or call us at 604.253.3323 ext. 590